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Background of the Program



The Advocacy and Networking (AN) Program works to promote the national leffort to find Cambodian solutions to the problem of road traffic accidents by assisting the Royal Government of Cambodia, especially road safety responsible bodies, to implement and improve the clear-cut and just policy and actions to effectively address the road traffic accidents in Cambodia. Moreover, AN Program endeavors to engage more civil society actors, especially the local, to actively participate in dealing with road traffic accidents. AN program will work clisely with the road safety promotion government responisble bodies,individual and umbrella (network) civil society actors, local associations, teacher's networks. Also AN Program will work with key regional and international persons/institutions that can assist in advocacy efforts; for instance: experts on the road promotion, international NGO community that forcus raod traffic accident issues.


Justification for Project Implementation



     Real success of rad safety efforts in Cambodia also depends on the close cooperation among government responsible bodies and with active participations from civil societyThrough this program, CRY will try to coordinate discussions among local government bodies working in road safety and also persistently encourage them to response in a timely, effective and transparent manner . Moreover, civil society and private sectors, epecially at local level, will be coordinated and supported to participate in road safety related activities.


Objective of the Program



    To promote network and communication and strengthen partnership with the RSN members and key bodies will demonstrate a commitment an strong capability to undertake effective action as well as change the way operate in all level.


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