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Monitoring & Research Program

To inform about road traffic accidents and other concerning issues to undertake effective plans and actions to address raod traffic accidents in Cambodia as well as to promote. And actions to addres raod traffic accidents in Cambodia as well as to promte.

 Special Program


To respond to specific problems or events, which arise related to rad accidents, safety promotion, public order and good governance.

                                                                                     Core Activities

Provide basis of road safety context.

Provide road safety training.

Join activities with national and provincial level in special event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Core Activites


  • Establishing monitoring mechanism.
  • Establishing road traffic accident media.
  • Monitoring and road traffic accident database system.
  • Observation and roadside user survey.
  • Conducting to research studies per day.
  • Conducting bi-monthly road traffic newsletters.
  • Conduct helmet observation survey.
  • Conduct drink driving observation survey
  • Conduct speeding observation survey

Core Activities


Implementing community based road safety education.

Developing educative materials and distributing to targeted locations.

Awareness-raising campaign during Cambodian special events: Chinese New Year, Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben Festival and Water Festival.

Organizing and annual youth and road safety forum.

Launching a road safety writing Contest.

Social Media Campaign.









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