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    1. Organize 2 Provincial Workshop in Kandal and Kg Speu province

      A series of provincial workshop on “Advocacy for the Amendment of Helmet Passenger Law” were subsequently held in Kandal province (November 24, 2011), and in Kg Speu province (December 5, 2011) at the meeting hall of Department of Public Works and Transportation. Each workshop had around 50 participants who were the Director of Department of Public Works and Transportation, Provincial traffic police, Provincial Department, commune Councils, driving school and youth from high schools and so forth. The workshop aims to advocate with all stakeholders to find solution and action plan for promoting helmet wearing among passenger and to encourage them to support the draft amendment on motorcycle helmet passenger helmet law via the collected thump print of them.  

    2. Download: Organize 2 Provincial Workshop in Kandal and Kg Speu province pdf


    3.           Organize workshop in target communities to seek support on Traffic Law Amendment (Passenger Helmet use) and approval from National Assembly in Phnom Penh

      To advocate for the official approval on the helmet law for passengers, the project will gather support (voices) from all level of population starting from grass-root up to national level, including students, communities, private sectors and public sectors to urge the government to approve on the helmet passenger law.

Download: Organize workshop in target communities to seek support on Traffic Law Amendment


Private Sector Workshop on “Advocacy for Amendment on Motorcycle Hemet Passenger Law”

While the Cambodian government is scaling up its efforts on road safety especially on amendment some part article of land traffic law, CRY also worked in good coordination and provision of support to NRSC by organizing a workshop with private sector in Phnom Penh on December 8, 2011. The workshop that was held at Hamawari Hotel in which was presided over by H.E General Secretary of NRSC and representative of General Commissariat of National Police, Ministry of Interior with attendance of over 50 participants from private sectors such as from petroleum companies, motored vehicle manufacturing companies, Tele-communication companies, universities, NGOs/IOs and others. The purpose of workshop is to seek support from private sector and relevant stakeholder on the draft amendment of motorcycle passenger helmet law, which will be soon approved by the executive and legislative bodies.

  1. Download:Private Sector Workshop on

Public awareness on speeding

Based on these statements, the intervention on speed management is initiated. This speed management encompasses a range of measures aimed at balancing safety and efficiency of vehicle speeds on road network. Speed management needs to employ a range of measures that will include enforcement, engineering and education, increased knowledge of drivers on the danger of speeding through awareness rising around safe school zone vicinity. As of the speeding intervention were subsequently held selected Krosar Thmey school in Sangkat Phnom Penh thmey Sen Sok district Phnom Penh on Nov and Dec 2011.Two each Awareness on Speeding An approximately of 2278 vehicles educated and provided leaflets 2072 and 118 posters on the information of road crashed, casualty and fatality in Cambodia relate to speeding message.

  1. Download:Public awareness on speeding

RS 10 Helmet Use Observation (every 2 months)

By technical support from Handicap International Belgium (HIB) and funded by Jonhs Hopkin International Injury Research Unit (JHU) and CDC though HIB, CRY has bi-monthly conducted Helmet Observation (DD) in five (5) provinces of Cambodia in which are urban area, Phnom Penh contains ten (10) locations, Kandal contains five (5) locations, Kampong Speu contains four (4) locations, Kampong Cham contains five (5) locations and Siem Reap, five (5) locations.

  1. Download:RS 10 Helmet Use Observation

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