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Welcome to Coalition for Road Safety (CRY)

The Coalition for Road Safety (CRY) is a Cambodia NGO. working to promote respect for traffic law and rights of others on roads, reading towards peace and zero road safety efforts in Cambodia.

CRY is strongly committed to transparency, independence neutrality and governed by Board of Directions. Moreover, CRY is committed to anti corruption, non-violent mean problem solving and promotion Gender Equity and Youth Empowerment.

Currently, CRY is operating four programs are Monitoring and Research (MR) Program, Education and Safe Community (ESC) Program, Advocacy and Networking (AN) Program, and Special Projects (SP).



"At CRY, each road user's safety is our major concern. CRY always keeps in mind that the loss of life, regardless of what nationality and social status of the victim is, is a tragedy for all. CRY understands that each person killed, injured and disabled in an accident leaves behind shattered families, relatives and communities. CRY strongly wishes to see it decrease and even disappear; and CRY is working hard to grant such wish."

Background: Cambodia has faced many social issues such as poverty, violence, drug abuses and, in particular, HIV/AIDS. However, another social issue of serious concern is road traffic accident. In the last five years, road traffic accidents have increased in alarming rates and have been considered by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) as the second largest disaster after HIV/AIDS. In average, 4 people have been killed and many others injured everyday. Road traffic accident is a complicated issue that affect not only lives, but very often, they result in the loss of human resources, public order and an enormous amount of private and public property. This does not yet include the effect on people's lives, through disability, especially orphans and widows living in fear, long-term suffering and poverty.

Vision and Mission

Vision: CRY is a coalition of individuals who envision Cambodia to be a safe and peaceful place where all road users and relevant law enforcers completely respect the traffic law and rights of others daily and no people are killed or injured.

Mission: CRY is a Cambodian non-political, non-profitable NGO, working to promote respect for traffic law and rights of others on roads, leading towards peace and zero road traffic accident casualties. CRY works to provide coordination, information facilities and networking for road safety efforts in Cambodia.


Goal ->>> CRY works to:

1- Improve road safety in Cambodia through: the subsequent reduction of the number of cases and casualties resulting from road traffic accidents in CRY's target areas; and changing behaviors of road users from driving with their own habit towards a firm respect of traffic law and rights of others on roads.

2- Promote transparent and effective traffic law enforcement and non-violent means to solving disputes on roads.

3- Promote and strengthen the self-led national effort to reduce road traffic accident rates and casualties.

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